Pacifica Foods Pte Ltd

Our principal business involves manufacturing, marketing and distribution of battermixes, herbs & spices, sauces & soups, seasonings, and beverages to food manufacturers, minimarts, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and other food service organizations.  Our team of experienced food technologists, dedicated to developing new products to enhancing existing product lines, works closely with people in the heart of the food industry so that our products are in-line with current food trend and market demand. 

The company credits its success to its raw materials suppliers, manufacturers and employees who are committed to providing consistently safe and high quality food products to our customers.  Food safety programs, stringent quality control measures, state-of-the-art production technologies and continuous improvement through research and innovation back the company's dedication to delivering safe and high quality food products.


Vision - Pacifica Foods aims to be an innovative and respected company in food products and services worldwide.

Mission - Pacifica Foods is committed to delivering consistent quality and affordable food products in partnership with suppliers, meeting customers' satisfaction and enhancing employees' well-being and shareholders'  value.

Values - Pacifica Foods supports its vision and mission with corporate values that are driven by IDEAS.

Innovation: We value innovation in our products, services and daily functions.

Dreams: We dream big and work hard to achieve our dreams.

Ethics: We operate our business with integrity and deal with stakeholders in an ethical manner.

Affiliation: We build long-term, sincere and trusting relationships with all stakeholders.

Service Excellence: We provide excellent services to the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.


1978 - KOGI Tempura and Banana Fritter mixes launched.


1983 - KOGI product line extended to include biscuit powder, breadcrumbs, crispy chicken flour and curry powder.

1993 - Indo-Fruits Pte Ltd was incorporated.

1997 - Indo-Fruits Pte Ltd renamed Pacifica Food Consultancy Pte Ltd with principal activities in providing business management and consultancy services for companies in the food and beverage industry.

2000 - KOGI La Coffee launched in Vietnam.

2003 - KOGI V-Milk launched in Indonesia.

2004 - Pacifica Food Consultancy Pte Ltd business operations are expanded with the acquisition of KOGI brand to include marketing and distribution of battermixes, herbs & spices and other premixes. Contract manufacturing services are also introduced.


2006 - Pacifica Food Consultancy Pte Ltd is renamed Pacifica Foods Pte Ltd.  The company logo and corporate identity are redesigned. Product range is expanded to include seasonings, confectionery mixes, sauces, soups and beverages. PACIFICA brand is launched, offering a range of seasonings, sauces, soups and beverages of Western and European flavours.