Pacifica Foods is excited to let everyone in on one of the projects that we are exploring!

This past year, we have developed a new product range in what is essentially a new food category: Powdered Pasta And Pizza Sauce. Prior to this, all pasta sauces available in stores were in either bottled or in tins, and in paste format. And these products are but just one stage in the final product. 

Constantly Innovating.

What Pacifica Foods has done is to pioneer the creation of a powdered version of both tomato and white-cream based pasta and pizza sauces.  This is especially exciting for the food service industry, where manpower and storage costs are at an all-time premium.

Addressing an issue all industry players face.

What most companies have to deal with is ordering the herbs and spices, as well as tomato paste from their various suppliers, prepare the herbs, add it to the tomato paste, and then cook it before being served. In order for these companies to cut down cost, they usually have to order these herbs and spices, as well as tomato paste in bulk, which, in addition to being perishable, takes up precious space. Therefore, there are savings on having to order bulk for something you might not need so much of, and for storage.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


The following points demonstrate how our product can help our clients in substantial ways:

Purchasing Stage:

  1.  Liaising with one supplier instead of multiple suppliers to make purchases.
  2. Customized to each client's liking. NDAs can be signed to protect each client's unique taste requirements.
  3. No need to buy the multiple ingredients in bulk in order to get a better price. 
  4. With reference to point 3, no need to have storage space for ingredients that are not immediately used. Tomato puree tins, bulk bags of herbs and spices, etc, all take up valuable space.

Preparation Stage:

  1. Simplifying - Just add water and stir.
  2. Consistency - Able to maintain quality regardless of who is preparing it in the outlet/ central kitchen
  3. Time Saving - No need to individually measure portions of ingredients before addition to paste. No need to cook.


 It's no wonder we are getting a good measure of interest from many industry players! Exciting times indeed!