About Us

Our principal business involves manufacturing, marketing and distribution of batter mixes, herbs & spices, sauces & soups, seasonings, and beverages to food manufacturers, minimarts, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and other food service organizations. 

Dedicated to developing new products and to enhancing existing product lines, we work closely with people in the heart of the food industry so that our products are in-line with current food trend and market demand. 


Pacifica Foods aims to be an innovative and respected company in food products and services worldwide.


Pacifica Foods is committed to delivering consistent quality and affordable food products in partnership with suppliers, meeting customers' satisfaction and enhancing employees' well-being and shareholders'  value.


Pacifica Foods humbly recognizes that our very existence is due to patronage by our customers. Thanks to the support of our customers, we've been able to grow and sustain our vision. Thusly, we are not interested in merely building sales, but in developing long term relationships. We believe that if we don't take care of our customers, someone else will.